My clients and friends around the world says:

We meet as strangers and leave as friends!

Some years ago I took a certain Mr. Steves on tour with me. One of my special tours, unconventional and off those beaten tracks. Entertaining my guest with my gigs and sharing my knowledge with him. At the end of the day he told me how enthusiastic he felt about the way I had done the tour and the passion I had put into it. He told me that he was famous in the States and his full name was “Rick Steves”, he presented a very popular television travel show and was a successful travel books writer.

At the time I must confess I did not have a clue who he was. I told him I was thrilled that he had appreciated my tour so much and how much that really meant to me, especially coming from a person like him. When we finally said goodbye Mr. Steves shook warmly my hand and told me he would not forget how pleasant the day had been and that he would make sure to let as many people as possible know about me. That same evening, I did some research on internet and realized how successful and well known Mr. Steves really was, not only in the States, but also in Canada, Australia, U.K. and more!

I felt very lucky having met him and ever so privileged that Mr. Steves had enjoyed my tour so much showing me all his full appreciation. Later on that year I found out that he had actually mentioned me in his book suggesting his readers to try a tour with me if visiting the region. I could not be any happier, what he did brought a lot of business!

I was also proud of myself and satisfied that all my hard work and passion in trying to do something different had paid off in such a wonderful way.

Hundreds of satisfied clients!