Day Tour

Enogastronomic Tour

Duration 8 hours
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What’s included?:

  • Private English speaking driver
  • Parking
  • Highway tolls
  • Fuel

Not included:

  • Lunch
  • Tips

Tour Description

This land is so happy, so delightful, so fortunate that is obvious, that it is nature's favorite. This revitalizing air, the perpetually clear skies, the so fertile land, the sunny hills, the dark forests, the mountains lost among the clouds, the abundance of vineyards and grapevines...and so many lakes, the copiousness of the running waters and springs, so much sea and so many ports! A land opens at all sides to commerce and that, as if to encourage man, reaches its arms out into the sea.

This words were written by Plinius the elder in the 1st century b.c.

Most fertile of lands, the ancient called this region of Italy "campania felix", the lucky land. The splendid natural beauty, a mild climate and very fertile soil make this part of Italy an ideal destination for those who appreciate, alongside with history, culture, architecture, art and culinary heritage. Lust for life and its pleasures have made of its inhabitants prolific producers of excellent products ranging from wines to cheeses, pastas, olive oil, liquors, cakes. Most enjoyable products, either from the land or from the sea, are countless and if you are a lover of food and wine and would like to combine beauty, art, history with no lesser important, but mundane pleasures you... Are looking at the right tour.