Day Tour

Archaeological Sites Tour

Duration 8 hours
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What’s included?:

  • Private English speaking driver
  • Parking
  • Highway tolls
  • Fuel

Not included:

  • Entrance ticket to monuments
  • Lunch
  • Tips

Tour Description

What a fantastic place this part of Italy is for those who appreciate archeology and history. So many antiquities and so incredibly well preserved make this region a unique place like no other on earth. By choosing this tour you will take a full immersion into history. An inspiring and exciting adventure which which will enrich your knowledge and at the same time, offer you a relaxing and pleasant time. It is ideal for families with youngsters who will have the opportunity to learn and improve their education and take back with them a good deal of priceless learning. Pompeii is the most famous and evocative archaeological site in the world. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 a.d buried the city under a 6-7 meters thick layer of ash and cinder preserving it for nearly two thousand years and now testimony of a human great tragedy. A walk amongst the excavations of Pompeii is a remarkable experience, a walk into the past that will make you realize how advanced and civilized those people were.

In Oplontis, an ancient suburb of Pompeii also destroyed by the eruption of 79 a.d, a luxurious villa that might have belonged to emperor Nero’s second wife Poppea sabina has been found and excavated. It is one of the most superb and well preserved examples of holiday roman homes.

In Herculaneum the wealthy romans enjoyed their vacations, as testimonies by the sumptuous villas built on the shore right by the sea. Unlike Pompeii which was covered by ash and lapillus, Herculaneum was submerged by a 25 meters thick layer of mud and lava. It was the mud that preserved it all sealing everything giving the visitor a glimpse into a fascinating lost world.